Stanimir Nikolov

Varna, Bulgaria. drop me a line

Experienced full-stack developer with knowledge of C#, .NET Core 3.1, MSSQL, and WPF.


.NET developer

Working as part of a team on a Web Application in the health insurance sector. Calculating and aggregating big amounts of data and creating reports. .NET Core with MSSQL database and Angular 9 UI.

August 2020 - Present

Full stack developer

Developing an application for creating and editing PDF templates with different modules. Using C# and ASP.NET 3.1 with MSSQL Database and WPF application.

Migrating an MVC Project front-end to Angular 8.

Using Scrum Agile Methodology (Daily Scrum Meeting, Planning Poker, Sprint Backlog, 1on1 meeting).

August 2018 - August 2020

Junior full stack developer

Extending and optimizing an ERP System for bulk terminals. Using C# and ASP.NET MVC with MSSQL Database and Kendo UI for the front-end.

Creating a portfolio management web application with the ability to generate reports. Using C# and ASP.NET MVC with MSSQL Database and Kendo UI for the front-end and Telerik reporting for creating different PDF reports combining big amounts of data.

August 2016 - July 2018


Technical university of Varna

Master’s degree - Software Engineering
I extended my competencies and for my course work, I developed an online platform for real-time multiplayer games (Bulls and Cows/Tic-Tac-Toe/Hangman) with SignalR.
September 2017 - January 2019

Technical university of Varna

Bachelor’s degree - Software and Internet Technologies
This is where it all started. I had the chance to be in the best university group and be mentored by the best lectors in the university.
We developed some good team projects and I myself implemented a warehouse application for course work that my mother uses at her job.
September 2013 - June 2017


Programming Languages & Tools
  • C#, .NET Core 3.1 and WPF
  • Angular 9
  • HTML5, CSS and TypeScript
  • TFS and GIT
  • Team player
  • Optimizing complex logic
  • Debugging


Apart from being a developer, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. I love playing bowling and pool so you will see me in the game bar. I am an amateur salsa dancer. During the warmer months, I enjoy going to the beach, playing volleyball and travelling.

When forced indoors, I cook and I spend a large amount of my free time learning new technologies and improving my skill set.


  • 2nd Place - Varna Free University - Queryada - October 2017
  • 3rd Place - Varna University of Management - VUM Programming National Contest - November 2016
  • 2nd Place - Taxback International - TBI Student Programming Competition - May 1016


  • Software University - Azure Essentials – December 2019
  • Zariba - Zariba Game Academy - April-August 2015